Spacemen 3 – The next best thing?

After a lot of crossed wires between the UK and France earlier in the year,getting me very excited indeed about a load of nothing, Spectrum finally arrive in Paris this Friday at the Point Ephemere. Fingers crossed for a blinder…

Review to follow.

Update: January 15th

Well it looks as though our gut instincts were correct after all. Sonic Boom has spoken:

“A misunderstanding through translation has caused a little confusion. The Shows are Spectrum shows, not Spacemen 3, although we will be performing some S3 material as part of the set . The live show also features a mix of old, classic Spectrum as well as new tunes”

That clears that one up, once and for all. We’ve got a Spectrum tour to look forward to, so it’s not all bad newws. In fact, it’s great news.

Sources this side of the channel (most notably: Soit Dit En Passant ) are reporting that legendary art/drone rock band Spacemen 3 have three dates booked in France over the next couple of months.

Obviously, I’m very sceptical about this, given the rumours that Jason ‘Spaceman’ Pierce and Pete ‘Sonic Boom’ Kember aren’t even speaking, and Pierce’s flat-out denial of any reunion just a few weeks ago.

That said, it does look like venues are being booked for a Spacemen 3/Spectrum (Kember’s solo project) tour with dates including (at present, apprenttly, don’t go booking any flights):

23 Mars 2010,
SPACEMEN 3 + SPECTRUM, Emporium Gallorium, Rouen
25 Mars 2010,
26 Mars 2010
SPECTRUM, Point Ephémère, Paris
27 Mars 2010
SPECTRUM, 4AD Muziekclub, Diksmuide, Belgium
3 April 2010
SPACEMEN 3 + SPECTRUM, L’Embobineuse, Marseille (a link: )

Is this the start of something big? Who knows. I’ve been looking to get in touch with members of the Spacemen 3/Spiritualized family. To date, I haven’t had any denials….





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